Broccoli and Flavored Cheese Grilled Sandwich with a side of garlic sauted Asparagus

Have you tried flavored cheese any time. It surely tastes yum as is or simply toasted or grilled. But this time I coupled it with Broccoli to make it even more tasty and relishing. 

Collard Greens Patra

Patra... Ahh ! yumm... One of the underrated snack I would say. Mouthwatering snack for the ones who have eaten this before, little bit of everything in a single bite, sweet, salty, tangy, tasty, crunchy, I bet you need to taste this at least once. 

Homegrown Fresh Green Garlic Saute

What better way to treat yourself with pure ghee sauted homegrown green garlic saute heaped over fresh bread / thepla / roti accompanied with hot ginger mint tea for these frosty winter morning's. Simply delish.