Broccoli and Flavored Cheese Grilled Sandwich with a side of garlic sauted Asparagus

Have you tried flavored cheese any time. It surely tastes yum as is or simply toasted or grilled. But this time I coupled it with Broccoli to make it even more tasty and relishing. 

Collard Greens Patra

Patra... Ahh ! yumm... One of the underrated snack I would say. Mouthwatering snack for the ones who have eaten this before, little bit of everything in a single bite, sweet, salty, tangy, tasty, crunchy, I bet you need to taste this at least once. 

Homegrown Fresh Green Garlic Saute

What better way to treat yourself with pure ghee sauted homegrown green garlic saute heaped over fresh bread / thepla / roti accompanied with hot ginger mint tea for these frosty winter morning's. Simply delish.

Basil Walnut Pesto Pasta with Freshly grated Asiago

Who doesn't love pasta, I do and so does all in my family. The experiments and variations happen in my kitchen everytime I make them.

Upcycle Wall Clock | Easy DIY

Aahhha, here I am again with another DIY post.

Instant Vegetable Fried Rice

Fried Rice - Quick, instant, easy ingredients, if you have rice leftover no worry at all. This comes handy each time. A Instant 5 minute One Pot recipe. 

Lentil Pancake | Moong Dal Pudla/Chilla

MoongDal Pudla / Chilla is a Protein packed recipe. Easy steps SOAK - GRIND - MAKE. 

How to Store / Freeze Fresh Green Chillies

Freezing fresh produce in season at low/reasonable price is handy and economical option these days.

How to Store / Freeze Fresh Green Garlic

I love growing these beauties especially and all year round to have my Organic Homegrown window fresh garlic greens produce.

Instant Stuffed Peppers Pickle | Instant Bharela Athela Marcha

" ATHELA MARCHA " / Bharela Athela Marcha / Stuffed Pickled Hot Peppers...
Instant, quick and easy to make. A traditional Gujarati recipe we still relish the most with a wide variety of Gujarati snacks. Have this with your daily meals to add a daily probiotic punch due to its fermented nature.